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The Sunshine Lady Foundation invests in quality higher education in prison and reentry programs in the United States.

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A Brief History

The Sunshine Lady Foundation was founded in 1996 in North Carolina by Doris Buffett. The Foundation is inspired by Doris’ vision and energy and is funded through her immense generosity.

“My sister, Doris, is a philanthropist, but far from an ordinary one. Some people write a large number of checks; others invest a large amount of time and effort. Doris does both. She’s smart about how she does it as well, combining a soft heart with a hard head.”

Warren Buffett, quoted from the preface of “Giving It All Away, The Doris Buffett Story

Doris Buffet is pictured standing in front of a large poster that says "Giving It All Away: The Doris Buffet Story:
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Our Values

The mission of the Sunshine Lady Foundation reflects the midwestern values and no-nonsense approach to decision making that founder Doris Buffett grew up with in Omaha, NE.  

Each Sunshine Lady Foundation grant is considered an investment in people and programs and every decision to grant funds is based on an expected outcome in the best interest of the people being served.

  • We believe in building strong and enduring relationships with grantees that are based in mutual trust and transparency. 
  • We believe systemic barriers are the root cause of inequality and that in order for all people to thrive, resources must be reallocated to support the work of ending oppression. 
  • We believe in supporting organizations that not only collaborate and form external partnerships in the community, but that also demonstrate a display of commitment from their Board. 
  • We believe in simplicity, common sense and humility in the grant making process.
  • We believe in continuing to honor the wishes and preserving the ideals of Doris Buffett including her belief that the public trust invested in the privilege of tax exemption is sacrosanct and that a philanthropy should adhere to a modest administrative budget.
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