Cornell Prison Education Program

group photo with Doris Buffet

The mission of the Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP) is to provide courses leading to college degrees for people incarcerated in upstate New York State prisons; to help CPEP students build meaningful lives inside prison as well as prepare for successful re-entry into civic life; and to inform thought and action on social justice issues among past and present CPEP students, volunteers, and the wider public. CPEP was launched with a grant from the Sunshine Lady Foundation, founded by Doris Buffett. This support elevated Cornell's early offering of a few prison courses at Auburn to a regular degree-granting program there. Support from the foundation elevated Cornell's few courses at Auburn to a regular degree-granting program. Doris attended the first graduation at Auburn in 2012, where her witty, no-nonsense zingers would draw people to their feet in applause. Doris Buffett walked the walk; we would not be where we are today were it not for her.